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About Us

Whittier SEO & Digital Marketing founder EJ Valencia has been in the industry since 2010. He has worked for both large and small SEO companies and has picked up along the way what works and what doesn’t. He is not scared to push the envelope and redefine the way to insert his client’s companies in his networking circle and boost everyone’s online presence. We’ve placed a lot of resources in the conversion aspect of internet marketing. We want your business to get noticed but most importantly, we want you to convert your clients. It is our utmost passion to see local businesses succeed and establish businesses that they can pass on to future generations. Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry and it’s important to work with someone who can easily adapt and not be afraid of change. Whittier SEO is in this industry for the long-run and we hope you can share your journey of elevating your online presence with us.

More on founder EJ Valencia…

EJ has been a product of being in a sales environment even before he finished High School here locally in Los Angeles. He understands that sales are the lifeblood of any business and regardless of the bells and whistles a company provides if no sales come through those doors the business will simply not survive. Digital marketing has obviously become omnipresent in establishing a foundation for any business. It is no longer a luxury to merely have a website to have customers have additional “eye candy” to look at. It is a necessity. Hence, EJ, through his company Whittier SEO & Digital Marketing, has found a way to marry the two concepts -sales and digital marketing and create a force for any local business that wants to see different results. Let’s talk!

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"Today its not about 'get the traffic' - it's about get the targeted and relevant traffic."