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Step #1: Type in ‘Electrician in Whittier, Ca.’ Wait a second and scroll down. 

Step #2: Look at the 3 businesses that appear in the Google Map box. What questions come to mind? 

Step #3: Ask yourself, “Would a client be influenced to call one of the businesses in the pack versus a business out of the pack?” 

GOOGLE MAPS marketing: What is It?

Someone searches ‘Plumber’ in La Habra. Well, the most search-engine-optimized plumbers will appear first. Will it matter if they produce the most? Will it matter that they have the most sales? Will it matter that Ernesto the Plumber is the kindest most sincere plumber you’ve ever met in your life? Yes and no. Your reviews is a component, it is not the end-all-be-all to the equation. Google maps marketing in Whittier is specific in that it targets the GMB ranking in a specific area, cities or mile radius. Plug in your niche and area.

GOOGLE MAP Buyer Assumptions

Well, if they’re the first in Google, then I have to pick one of these search results? Google had to have recognized them for a reason and they have good service. Right? Well, whether the above statements are  true or not…it matters what your clients think to be true or at least what they’re subconsciously predisposed to thinking. The reason why someone clicks on a button to make an instantaneous call is sometimes convenient, but other times it’s an impulse based on an underlying belief system that they, themselves, don’t even know exists. Google maps marketing near me is all bout understanding these questions and positioning your business service accordingly.

Ranking amongst the BEST?

Business directories have been around for years. Do you remember that monster book a while back called ‘the yellow pages?’ That was a local directory to find the business you were looking for. As you went to the kitchen remodeling section, you noticed that all the businesses were alphabetized. Their ranking was based on the alphabet sequential order! If ever there was a more random way to select a service, there you go.

Google Search: home remodeling services Whittier

How to interpret these results?

1) Only 11 businesses in Whittier that do home remodeling decided to create a Google business profile page that is active and has enough relevant content to be ranked.

2) Top three positions in the map pack are held by businesses with no websites. This is, essentially, a perfect example of “money being left on the table.”

3) The next businesses, as a result, are there to pick up and answer relevant questions that informed consumers want to have answered. And who knows how many of those clients are being converted? This is a missed opportunity.

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“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”