What is Pay per Click Advertising (aka PPC Advertising) and how it can INSTANTLY benefit you

This is exactly how it sounds. If a roaming customer is looking for your service offering and they click on an Ad that you’ve created on any of the social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, you are instantly charged a fee. This total cost will, therefore, reflect the amounts of clicks your ad has accumulated. There are things that you can do to limit the number of clicks depending on your budget and other factors. Therefore, it is imperative that your budget is clearly defined as to what you can afford.

The next step is deciding what platform to run your ads

This varies from person to person. Some people love using Google Adwords because your ad is instantly found on any Google search specific to your business niche. It would seem like the most effective way to reach more customers, right? Say, if a person searches for your business offering, then you’re going to instantly be in the “ball game” of consideration. It can be a quick search such as ‘plumber in la Habra, ca’ or what we refer to as a long-tail keyword such as ‘most affordable, best plumber in Whittier, la Habra or la Mirada, ca.’ Either way, it’s specific and Google tailors to specific.

Ahhh and then there are Facebook Ads…

Facebook is big, it’s been big and will continue to be a big social presence. We get it. Inject money in their ads and it will not yield results and will only cost you money in the end…we’ve all heard the stories. When it comes to this subject, what it boils down to is placement and targeting. Facebook Ads can be lucrative if you position your ad to bring in your traffic and you have your systems in place to field that traffic. Are you too busy to take an unknown incoming call, are you too busy to reply to an unknown messenger, are you too busy to let your whole network know what services you’re offering and what promos you have available this month? If you are, all the more power to you, and CONGRATS! I’d like to be invited to your next company soiree. But if you’re not, well let’s get to work. Again, contact Whittier SEO and Digital Marketing ASAP!

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