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What is Backlink Optimization and how it aids your website in Rankings and Brand Awareness?

A backlink is an external website / or post on some platform that links back to your website. In addition to your own content and web design, backlinks act as the “supporting role” to rank your website and, therefore, establish your business as the Brand to follow in your niche. The power you generate from these other sites determines how influential your business is in the marketplace. Blogs, articles, posts from outside people in your industry are one great way to improve your backlink optimization. 

Backlink Examples

Let’s just say your website is about Home Remodeling in La Mirada, CA…. you can go to popular blogs in your area that deal with decorating ideas, DIY for beginners’ posts. Etc. You can reach out to the content creator of that post and request power back (backlink) to your website. Another example is writing your own expert post on someone’s website/blog/podcast. The more you know in your field and can express that in a proficient and readable format will obviously go a long way. And last but certainly not least, Networking is also crucial to your business success. Because of our current Pandemic and inability to meet face-to-face, digital platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn help you in achieving that.

Backlink Optimization is a long-term play that goes in conjunction with your SEO

Yes, achieving a great number of valuable and worthy backlinks takes time and effort. It takes trial and error, it takes daily communication and collaboration, and most importantly it takes patience. Much like Search Engine Optimization itself, it is about recognizing the value of internet marketing and how important it is to have an online presence. More and more people are moving away from the “grassroots” way of finding their service/ product. They are looking into the digital marketplace to solve all their dire needs.

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"Today its not about 'get the traffic' - it's about get the targeted and relevant traffic."